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Size 10.9 Inch x 12.7 Inch

Sign Material: Aluminium

 Sign has mounting holes in each corner.

Round Corner

Sign Thickness 0.02''

Sign letters color: Black/Red

Sign background color: WHITE

Sign Type: Wall Mounted

HPD Required sign: Yes  (See Law and regulations)

DOB NYC Required sign: NO (See Law and regulations- for more detail)

Fire Department required sign: YES (See Law and regulations- for more detail)

Required signs for restaurant and bars- N/A (See Law and regulations)

DOT Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

DSNY Required Sign: NO (See Law and regulations)

     SKU:  12.12.1 sign 

   UPC: 745528301689



Effective October 18, 2017, the HPD added a new section to Chapter 12 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York, allowing owners to post a single notice that incorporates the 3 new notices for gas leaks, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms. This single notice may be used instead of a separate notice for each of the newly amended notice categories (smoke, carbon, gas) CLICK HERE and look at pages 9,10 of 12 to view the new section of the law


 § 12-12.1 Combined Form for Notice for Smoke Detecting Devices, Notice for Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and Notice for Suspected Gas Leak Procedures. If an owner chooses to post a single notice that incorporates and complies with the notice requirements of 28 RCNY § 12-01(b) and (c), 28 RCNY § 12-06(b), and 28 RCNY § 12-11(b), the sample notice below may be used in lieu of the notices otherwise required by 28 RCNY § 12-01(b) and (c), 28 RCNY § 12-06(b), and 28 RCNY § 12-11(b) and shall be posted in a common area of the building, readily visible:



Combined Notice (Post gas leak notice and Post notice regarding smoke detectors and Post carbon monoxide detector notice): The required format for the sign is described in Section 12-11 of Chapter 12 of Title 28of the Rules of the City of New York. Section 12-12.1 of Chapter 12 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of new York describes conditions under which a combined notice may be used, combining notice of suspected gas leak procedures with notice for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. View  Sample Notice - Combined Notice for smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors and gas leak notice.


Customer: "OMG I just bought a sign in an Hardware store and I failed an inspection. Why is that ? "

It has been brought to our attention that lots of hardware companies sales the old signs or signs that are not in compliant sign with HPD criteria.



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