Required HPD Signs:

  • One (1) inspection visits frame 6 x 9 - CODE MDL 329
  • Two (2) signs with name and location of person with keys to boiler room (1 in lobby; 1 boiler room DOOR)-CODE HMC 27-2033
  • One (1) sign with superintendent/ janitor name/address-CODE HMC 27-2053
  • One (1) Serial Number Signage -CODE HMC 27-2104
  • One (1) smoke detectors notice- CODEHMC 27-2045
  • One (1) carbon monoxide detector notice-CODE HMC 27-2046.1
  • One (1) Housing Information Guide sign- NYC ADMIN. CODE 26-1103
  • One (1) gas leak notice -CODE HMC 27-2005
  • One (1) Disaster Response Sign - CODE HMC 27-2051.1
  • One (1) Garbage collection sign (if no 24 hour dumbwaiter service in building)- CODE HMC  27-2022
  • in a fire close door ( on stairway doors, basement door etc')
  • Floor number on each floor- CODE HMC 27-2049
  • Street number on front of building; must be visible from the sidewalk-CODE HMC 27-2049
  • One (1) Fire safety plan Hallway
  • One (1) Fire safety notice for fireproof / non-fireproof building Hallway
  • No smoking – NYC smoke free air act sign
  • Fire safety Notice on each inside of an apartment door (8.5 inch x 5.5 Inch)
  • Residential Building smoke policy disclosure Sign 


  • No storage in hallway sign
  • Window guard notice sign
  • NYC how to recycle sign
  • NYC electronics recycling sign
  • Emergency shut-off switch for boiler sign
  • Fire extinguisher arrow sign
  • Roof access – authorized persons only sign 

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