We at hpd signs sell all required hpd signs for you building. NYC HPD ( housing preservation and development ) required building owners to post signags in the lobby, basement and inside the apartments. The signs of hpd come to protect the owner and at the same time increase the safety of the tenant. Many owners and Management companies who do not follow the rules and do not post the signs get violations and fines. It is important for all Building owner to post all hpd required signs. The following are some of the signs the NYC HPD posted on their site:

  • Gas leak notice
  • Certificate of inspection frame 6x9
  • Janitor name and address
  • Smoke detector notice ( HPD created new version – be careful not to buy the old one)
  • Carbon Monoxide Notice ( HPD created new version – be careful not to buy the old one)
  • Gas leak Notice
  • NYC Smoke Free Act "No Smoking or Electronic Cigarette" sign-see law

Please note the HPD approve the combined sign Notice that cover the three signs above All in one

  • NYC Housing Information guide
  • Disaster response signage ( we recommend you to put one in the building to avoid fines during storms )
  • Post or distribute bedbug annual Notice ( we recommend 5.5x8.5 frame to post)
  • HPD Serial Number signage (This is a new sign required by HPD)
  • Post Street Number sign
  • Post Floor Number sign
  • Post Garbage collection day sign ( if the tenant take the garbage out on collection day. If you have a super who does it …it is not required)
  • NYC Smoke Policy 

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